v6 is available

v6 is available.

Current subscribers should have already received it as well as all the bug fix releases.

v6 beta ready

v6 is now ready for beta testing.

If you are a current PCRT subscriber, email info@pcrepairtracker.com to request a copy.

I have done a bunch of extra testing myself over the last couple of months, due to all the changes in adding proper quantity support.

Video here

v5 available…


DYMO printing issues with Chrome

Sounds like DYMO has and updated Labelwriter software package that fixes the Google Chrome printing issues: http://developers.dymo.com/2017/05/30/new-dls-8-released-this-fixes-security-certificate-issue-for-windows/

PCRT v4 now available

We are doing a soft release. It is available by request, will send out to all current subscribers soon. This release includes the new Zapier integration.

Preview here


  • The main menu bar has been updated and now contains the notifications. Main menu is now the same on the repair/sale side of the system.
  • Register closing procedures - you can count your cash, also a report to view history.
  • Fast user switching with a 4 digit pin.
  • A bench sheet which has been frequently requested.
  • Pass/Fail System Checks.
  • Zapier Integration: Pass information from PCRT to other apps, or other apps into PCRT.

PCRT v4 almost ready for beta testing

Preview here


PCRT v3 now available

PCRT v3 has been release to everyone now as version 3.1

In addition to the features seen in the video:


We also added 1-Click Dropbox backup and support for the Square Payment system.


v3 Beta in testing now

We have a beta of v3 available now. In addition to the features shown in the video we have also added support for Square, not the reader but you can use the same account you use your reader with.

v3 Beta coming soon


PCRT v2 Released

PCRT v2 has been released, all current subscribers should have received it.

Be sure to check out the video showing what is new: