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PCRT v2 Beta Available

For those that are current PCRT subscribers, a beta of version 2 of PCRT is now available by request to info@pcrepairtracker.com

For those that are curious, I am switching to whole numbers for release numbers. So v2 will be the first release after 1.40

I have a video showing what is new:


PC Repair Tracker 1.40 Released

PCRT 1.40 has been released and sent out to all current subscribers, it adds support for Topaz Signature pads, and a new mobile web interface. If you are a current subscriber and have not received it, please contact us.

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PCRT 1.40 Available

PCRT 1.40 is now available, it adds support for Topaz Signature pads, and a new mobile web interface. This release is available to PCRT subscribers now by request and will be sent out to everyone in a few weeks.

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PCRT 1.39 Released

PCRT 1.39 has been released. This new version add features to keep track of special orders, stock level management, and employee timeclock and more.

PCRT 1.38 Released

A new version of PCRT is now available. Version 1.38 adds numerous new features such as custom device definitions, timers, block of time contracts, work order scheduling, and tax groups.

New d7 Feature

Nick over at d7 has added the ablity to upload multiple report files at a later date and time and from a different machine so that you upload your reports back at the office or when you have an Internet connection available.

This enhancement landed in the 9.7.60 version of d7

Importing notes from d7!

Another video from Nick showing how to import your d7 notes and activity into PCRT.

This is another feature I have just added to PCRT 1.37. The files to do this are available now in the Owners forums.


Importing System Specs into PCRT from d7

Nick from d7 has created a video showing the import of the system specs pulled from d7 into PCRT!

PCRT & d7 Report Integration

Nick from d7 did a video that shows how this new report upload feature works with PC Repair Tracker.

You can view it here