General FAQ (16)

Does PCRT support cash drawers?

Only if it is hooked up to a receipt printer.

What label printers are supported?

I personally use a Dymo LabelWriter 400, but any dymo printer with a recent version of the Dymo label software for the Windows platform should work.

Do other label printers work?

No, I can only write support for printers that use XML label file formats. Also DYMO is the only manufacturer that provides the necessary API to work with web type apps.

What barcode scanners are supported?

Any barcode scanner that inputs things as if they were typed in at the keyboard should work.

Can PCRT import or export to ©Quickbooks

No, and there are no plans to do so. PCRT manages invoicing and receipts internally. Personally, my accountant does use QB but just imports totals from PCRT as well as use it to keep track of the bank account and write checks

Does it run with XAMPP?

Yes there are a few people that run it on XAMPP.

Can I run this on Windows hosting or on my own Windows server?

I do not recommend it and cannot fully support it, but there are people that do. But also they tend to have way more installation problems and issues with the email functions in the app.

Are there any issues running on IIS

Yes, there are several known issues.

Does it support any payment gateways?

There is AuthorizeNet, Paypal Payments Pro, MyVirtualGateway, Stripe, and Sage Payments support. The link between PCRT and the gateway is secure, but it is up to you make sure your link between the browser and PCRT is secure. (https). Also AuthorizeNet only supports debit cards when run as a signature card. There is no support for PIN code keypads.

Stripe is the easiest and best processor for use with PCRT

Can I make modifications to the code?

Yes, but we cannot provide support for this or support you if you break things.

Does the software shut down if I do not renew it?

No, you can continue to use it with no problems, you just will no longer receive free updates or support.

What client screen resolution do you recommend?

Any wide screen of 1280+ should work fine without weird display issues.

Can I change the monetary symbol?

Yes, you can use any monetary symbol you want.

Can I import customer lists from my old system?

Yes, if you can get a CSV file from your old system, you can use the built in importer.

Do you offer a trial version?

No, just an online demo, offering a trial version would tie up to much of my time with installation support for people that are not necessarily serious about purchasing. I would rather spend time writing new code than providing support to people installing a trial version.

Usage FAQ (9)

Why is the printable version button greyed out on a repair page?

You must type some basic notes for the customer before the button comes available. Our techs got in the habit of only adding the canned responses. We felt it was important to give a least a general statement about the work done to a PC.

Why can I not set the status on a PC to “ready for pickup”?

You must add charges or “NO CHARGE” to a PC. We had a problem in our shop where technicians would put PC’s in the ready for pickup status with setting the prices, which resulted in the customer not getting charged for everything.

How do I add scan icons when my webserver doesn’t have the ImageMagick “convert” command available, what can I do?

Add your scans like normal, but fill in the image filename field with the name of your icon that is 24X24 pixels large. Also create a copy of the image 84X84 pixels and prefix the filename with a l_, and create another icon 84X84 pixels that is grayscale and faded and prefix it with a gl_ and place these 3 icons in your scans folder.

How do you identify devices with this system?

The system assigns a Asset ID number for each computer that is checked into the system. In the past we used little stickers we printed out with our business phone number and a blank line, which we wrote the number on and stick to the back of the device. Now we use the asset label function and print these directly on our dymo printer.

How do you identify store inventory?

As we enter items to inventory, they are assigned a stock ID number which we used to enter on the top line of a 2-line price tagger. But now we use a dymo printer and the price tag printing feature that prints our price tags complete with a scanable code 39 bar code.

How do I use the asset label – price tag printing function?

This function is written to use a dymo thermal printer with 1-1/8 x 3-1/2 (28 x 89 mm) address labels. If you have your dymo printer and software installed, the PCRT will offer up a download of your label, and you can just open it and click print.

How do webcam asset image upload feature to stop asking me to allow access to the camera?.

Click the settings button and check the box to “Remember” your webhost.

Why does the webcam not reset for taking more pictures after taking a picture?

Some versions of Flash on Linux and other systems have issues. Just click the link to reload the applet to reset it.

Can I permanently delete work orders or customers?

Yes, but you must be logged in as admin to be able to access the function.

Installation FAQ (6)

Why do I get an error that says something about an error with header.php, output already started.

You edited your deps.php scripts with and editor that introduced extra line returns or spaces at the end of the deps.php file. Delete these extra spaces all the way to the final ?> php closing tag and re-upload the file.

How do I start PCID, Invoice, Receipt, PC Work Order Numbers from something other than “1” or “1000”?

In your database management tool, probably phpMyAdmin type in the SQL box:

Invoice Number: ALTER TABLE invoices AUTO_INCREMENT = 1234;

Pcid Number: ALTER TABLE pc_owner AUTO_INCREMENT = 1234;

Receipt Number: ALTER TABLE receipts AUTO_INCREMENT = 1234;

PC Work Order Number: ALTER TABLE pc_wo AUTO_INCREMENT = 1234;

Where 1234 is the number you want to start with.

Why do I get “Unable to connect to db” the first time I try loading the software

This error means one of 5 things:

1. Your database username is wrong

2. Your database password is wrong

3. Your database name is specified incorrectly or the database does not exist.

4. Your database hostname is wrong. Many times webhosts use “localhost” but sometimes they might use a domain name.

5. Your database username was not given permissions to access your database.

Why do I just get a blank page when loading the system?

Your host may default to php3. You need to create an .htaccess file that contains the line “AddType x-mapp-php5 .php” and place it in your main folder so that the proper php version is used.

Why do the barcodes or qr codes not appear?

Most likely your server does not have support for the GD library installed.

Where do I download the web drivers for Topaz Signature Pads?

To use the Topaz feature, you must purchase a Topaz 1X5 signature pad and install the special topaz client software.

Topaz signature pads are manufactured in two configurations, one with LCD display and one with no LCD display. (User cannot see
their signature as they sign)

To download the installer, choose the link for the sigpad you have:
For models ending in: -BSB-R and -BBSB-R

For models ending in: -HSB-R, -BHSB-R, and -B-R

Download links can also be found here: