The price for the PC Tracker software is $200. Click the paypal button below to purchase the software.

Before buying the software, make sure:

  • You understand that this is not a Windows or Mac Program, you need a webhosting account or an Apache webserver to run this.
  • Your server supports PHP 5.5 or newer, MySQL(MariaDB) and Apache on a Linux.
  • Special note about GoDaddy Hosting: It is not recommended to use GoDaddy “Ecomony” hosting plans or any host that uses networked database servers for performance reasons. Recommended hosts with good performance are A2 Hosting or InMotion Hosting.
  • Your server must support the ImageMagick convert command to use the photo upload features.
  • Your server must support cURL to use the payment gateway and SMS features.
  • Your server must support the GD library for the barcoding features.
  • You understand that while some people do run this on Windows, the Windows platform is not officially supported or tested.
  • You are capable of installing a PHP script and importing a SQL schema into your database.
  • You watched the demo video and demoed the system to be sure this system meets your needs.

Hardware Requirements

There are a few items you can optionally purchase from a 3rd party for additional functionality in PCRT

  • Magnetic Card Reader – To swipe Credit Cards using PCRT payment processors you will need a keyboard emulation type card reader. These usually have a USB interface and can be purchased for $30-$100 depending on the quality you desire.
  • Dymo Labelwriter Printer – All label printing in PCRT requires a Dymo Labelwriter printer with the labelwriter software installed.
  • Barcode Scanner – To optionally scan price tags or asset tags.
Ordering info:
  • You will be sent a 5MB zip file with the package within 48 hours on business days, usually within 12 hours.
  • Once the package has been sent, there will be no refunds.
  • Price includes one year of free upgrades
  • Installation support is offered by email only.


The price for a one year renewal for existing customers of the PC Tracker software is $125. Click the Paypal button below to purchase a renewal. If you are using a different business name, address or email address than the initial purchase, please contact us first to verify eligibility.

Installation/Upgrade Installation Service

We also offer installation/upgrade services for $99. For upgrades we will do up to 3 versions for $99. For more than 3 versions, please add an additional $99 for every three versions that need to be upgraded. You must have already purchased a PCRT license. We only offer these services if you are using a webhost with a control panel. We do not offer installation services on customer owned servers or VMs. We do not offer install services via remote desktop to a customer owned computer.  In order for us to perform an installation you must have an active webhosting account. We will need to be provided with the following information:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Link to Server Control Panel Login
  3. Control Panel Username and Password
  4. FTP Server Hostname
  5. FTP Username and Password
  6. Preferred name of folder to install PCRT to.
  7. Preferred MySQL password

If this is an upgrade installation we will also need your PCRT admin password.

Notice about other potential costs:

Depending on which options you choose to use in PCRT, you may have these additional expenses. (not from us, but third parties)

  1. Webhosting Fees
  2. SSL Certificate fees – required for PCRT payment plugins
  3. Dymo Label Printer
  4. Receipt Printer
  5. Credit Card Readers
  6. UPC Scan Gun
  7. Topaz Signature Pad